The Big Draw Festival Living Lines 2017

This year’s Big Draw Festival Living Lines is designed to get your marks moving! In this workshop series you will learn a range of drawing techniques from continuous line drawing, contour lines, organic and linear lines to create an animated installation in the gallery, just wait to see what we have up our sleeves…

Rockingham Central Library
Saturday 7th to Saturday 14th October 2017
An animated installation is in the gallery, for this year’s Big Draw Festival ‘Living Lines’. Participants aged 12-17 years worked with International Artist Claire Davenhall to create animated books, inspired by special exhibits from Museum of Natural History. There is an amazing hanging installation, symbolising ‘the butterfly effect’ casting shadows on the walls and floor in a subtle interplay of flight!  While Spinning Zoetropes create the illusion of motion to bring drawings to life. Public Figure Sheryl Chant got Art Spinning at the Rockingham Central Library, making drawings fly through the air with an amazing spinning sculpture.



with Claire Davenhall


The Big Draw aims to get everyone drawing. When we draw, we take an opportunity to slow down, and to appreciate how the visual world works. By developing this skill we gain a deeper understanding of our surroundings and learn a truly universal language, a sense of local pride and community engagement.


Participants created large scale community installation with artist Claire Davenhall, resulting in a three week exhibition in the new gallery space at Rockingham Central Library. Over the course of 5 sessions they learnt a progressive range of drawing skills starting with tonal drawing in charcoal and conte, developing into colour with chalk pastels and drawing inks. Each session focused on each of the STEAM elements, getting bigger, bolder and more colourful as the course progressed. Workshops were held at Rockingham Arts Center.


The best part about this event is that the participants worked ‘Blind’, not knowing which part of the picture they were drawing. Only at the end of each session,when they pieced the works together and could they ‘guess’ the location and STEAM element the picture represented.

"It was amazing." Morgan

"A fantastic Facilitator and Artist." Sue

"Very enjoyable and was able to try out different media." Debbie

"I haven't had lots of time, but I love it." Liam

"Awesome way to spend time with my mum and daughter and have some fun, 
meeting new people and learning in an awesome environment 
with an awesome teacher, Claire."

"It was fun and educational."

The large scale drawing installation went on exhibition in the new gallery space at Rockingham Central Library in October 2016. It featured images of iconic Rockingham locations that focus on each of the STEAM elements, Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths.


Location: Kwinana Industries

Photo: Claire Davenhall

Media: Charcoal on Heavy Cartridge Paper 200gsm



Location: Artist’s Smart Phone

Photo: Claire Davenhall

Media: Conte on Black Cover Paper 125gsm



Location: Perth Motorplex

Photo: Courtesy of Perth Motorplex.

Media: Chalk Pastels on Canson Mi-Teintes Paper 220gsm



Location: Rockingham Beach

Photo: Claire Davenhall

Media: Drawing Inks on Rains Watercolour Paper 300gsm



Location: Challenger Tafe

Photo: Claire Davenhall

Media: Mixed Media on Mixed Papers 125 -300gms

Exhibition held at Rockingham Central Library



dsc_04011dsc_03702The Big Draw Festival at Rockingham Arts Centre has been nominated for an International Community, Participatory and Libraries Award. Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop and visited the exhibition held at Rockingham Central Library.