York Photographic Awards

The York Photographic Awards are held annually by The York Society. Their aim is to foster the preservation, conservation and restoration of the natural environment, buildings and the settings of historical, architectural and aesthetic interest in the town of York and districts. My collection of images try to capture the spirit and histroy of York and its surrounding Districts.

York Photographic Awards 2013

C0-operative Bulk Handling grain facility, York

CBH Grain Facility                                Claire Davenhall 2013

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, York, WA

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church           Claire Davenhall 2013

Harper Fencing

                                                      Harper Fence                                Claire Davenhall 2013

 York Photographic Awards 2012

The Hearth of York                      Claire Davenhall 2012

York Photographic Awards 2011

                                                               Apollo 89                               Claire Davenhall 2011

Cryptic Coloration                     Claire Davenhall 2011

Greenhills Inn                     Claire Davenhall 2011

York Photographic Awards 2010 – These works are on sale at The York Mill Gallery.

The Old Bakery                     Claire Davenhall 2010

The York Mill                     Claire Davenhall 2010


Just Wheels                     Claire Davenhall 2010

 Photographic Awards 2009


A Triumph Sunday Afternoon in York        Claire Davenhall 2009


Red Shell Pump                            Claire Davenhall  2009


Walk the York Suspension Bridge         Claire Davenhall  2009


2 thoughts on “York Photographic Awards

    • Thanks Maxine, someone bought the “Just Wheels” photo last week from the York Mill Gallery. Which is one of my favourites and would look amazing printed on large format textured Fine Art Paper.

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