Travel Photography

100_4868 ‘Exploring the Deep Red’ – Knox Gorge 2011 can be found in Karijini National Park, Western Australia and is known for its spectacular beauty and adventure. Patience, endurance and strength is needed to explore the immense size and scale of this gorge, which takes you along narrow paths, through near freezing water and has you clinging to rock ledges.

Karjini Knox Gorge NP‘The Passage’ 2011

Its deep red terraced cliffs and complex rock formations seem to glow, drawing you deeper into this awe-inspiring Gorge, illuminating the beauty, tranquility and remoteness of the environment. These imposing walls, tower above the stillness of the water and sparse vegetation below.

Knox Gorge Karjini NP
Midday Sunburst, 2011 illuminates the walls of gorge as the midday sun passes over Knox Gorge.
karajini stream
A Small Window from a Vast Place, 2012 follows the path of the meandering gorge water. Viewed directly from above it plays with your sense of space and scale, its cropped to fit a square frame that becomes the edge of the window.

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