UP CLOSE… Macro Photography and Montage Workshop


During her Artist in Residence with the City of Rockingham, Claire Davenhall delivered two free community workshops; one with the Residents of Rockingham and another SMYL Community College. Both workshops aimed at making people see their environment with different eyes, to take a second look and see the beauty in even the most mundane of objects. By taking the time to stop and observe a seemingly non-descript piece of ‘something’ from the ground they discover the beauty others simply miss.

Participants were encouraged to bring their own cameras (with SD cards) and learn the art of macro photography and creative photomontage, by printing with their own images and manipulating them by hand. Participants received an art ‘goodie’ bag containing all the necessary tools and materials for the workshop.

Claire demonstrated the skills and knowledge needed for the participants to go and work independently exploring found objects and backgrounds for macro photography. They received one to one instruction on image selection, how to make improvements before printing.After printing, participants were shown 3 different ways to cutting, gluing and incorporating text to compose a piece of montage work on an 8 x 8 inch canvas, followed by being shown how to protect there work from dust, water and UV damage.

At the end of the workshop participants showcased their final works in Claire’s solo exhibition ‘UP Close…Rockingham in Macro’. Places were limited to 30 Participants.

This project has been up loaded up: http://placestories.com/story/156375



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