Macro Photography



15 Large Format Digital Prints on Archival Fine Art Paper

910mm x 620mm

Artist Statement

Claire Davenhall is a Western Australian Visual Artist, who works in both Sculpture and Photography. She has just completed an artist residency at Rockingham Arts Centre where is she has produced a new body of work, for her Solo Exhibition ‘UP Close…’ which was inspired by the award-winning coastline of WA. With the help of her children, she has discovered delicate, intricate, unique and natural objects aimed at producing amusing, delighting and providing quiet contemplating pieces of art to uplift those who engage with them.

In her ‘UP Close…’ exhibition, Claire makes reference to the particular setting of ‘macro’ photography and uses the camera in the same way a painter uses a brush, to tell a story about the small things she finds visually interesting, the ‘mini sculptures’ that people often miss on this macro level.

By including her hands in each shot she becomes part of the images she produces and combines expressive text to guide the viewer into her way of thinking and decode the images. If you take the time to stop and observe a child picking up a seemingly non-descript piece of ‘something’ from the ground, they treasure their find and see the beauty others simply miss.

In the words of Marcel Proust: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

These can also purchased through my contacting Claire Directly or through Saatchi art:



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