30x30x30 Challenge

What is the 30x30x30 Challenge?

The Challenge:  30 Artists, 30 Works, 30 Days

Challenge Commences: 1st July 2012

Challenge Goals: To create 30 works in 30 days and develop a full array of new works, taking inspiration from poems, quotes, found objects, places I have been and things I have seen. I hope to combine a range of different approaches through photography, mixed media and typography to develop a thought, feeling or intuition symbolic of that day.

Like a camera flashes to take a picture,

the ideas flashing in my mind,

the days flashed by.

In a flash 30 new works will exist.


The surface quality of each piece is soft, subtle and clear, printed in high resolution with considerable attention to detail. The paper is good quality cartridge with slightly torn edges, mounted on canvas and completed with a matt even finish.

Now refined to their final state, 30 new works exist, exhibited and sold.


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