Life Drawing


Inspired by the teachings of Camilla Loveridge, “Her Muse, Andrew,” 2012 embodies a variety of mixed drawing media, to give an organic and fluid feel to the figure. Strong lines indicate tension within the frame of the body, while softer lines indicate mass and form,  your eye makes the decision which line to follow.

‘Captivated by That Enchantress,’ 2011 is pastel drawing on paper taken from the 1950’s book, That Enchantress 1950, by Doris Leslie. The male model is captivated in the pages of the books, which tells of the Life of Abigail Hill.



‘She’s Barely There, Naturally,’ 2010 brings out the natural wood grain in a piece of plywood using a clear satin varnish. Influenced by the simplicity of a drawing board, while sitting for a life drawing class, I began to see figures in the natural grain of the wood. The lines and the knots in the wood already existed, the varnish emphasized the figure.




Using Ink and Bleach this is a reduction drawing which illuminates the rear view of a seated women. An atmospheric presence is created when the ink is  bleached out, creating warm highlights of differing tones.





The same technique is used for this male nude drawing in Ink and Bleach. The choice of drawing the figure from behind can be a less confronting position for the viewer.Wet Clay Figures’ 2005 are a series of life-size clay figures, made from large coils of recycled clay. They are measured sculptural drawings inspired by yoga positions of power and mediation.

lifedrawing 010

studio work 070

An extension to wet clay figures was to cast them permanently in concrete. ‘My Imminent Migration’ 2007 represents my thoughts and feelings towards departing the UK and arriving in Australia. They mark a moment of time, placed back to back, in deep contemplation to find inner peace.

camera dec07 016

‘My Imminent Migration’ 2007,  as exhibited at The Grundy Art Gallery, Lancashire, UK.

These simple charcoal line drawings, map out the positive space the figure is occupying . A series of measured marks are linked with varied weights of lines, that anchor the figure to the ground.

lifedrawing 004

In 2015, Claire founded the group Women in Art WA (Wawa) along with fellow artists; Miranda Free, Mia Laing & Jan Brown. They form a diverse group of four professional women artists based in Perth Western Australia,  who use women as the subject of their work, their aim is to provide a supportive network of like-minded artists to push the boundaries of women in art.



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