Sculpture by the Sea, WA

Claire Davenhall | WA

Claire Davenhall, For the Love of Sculpture 2015

For the Love of sculpture 2015

Fiberglass, bottle tops, wheel bearings, chameleon paint (80cm height x 60cm width x 60cm depth)

Inspired by the simplicity of a bubble, this playful interactive sculpture gently spins, creating a vivid display of optical illusion with forever changing colours (green to blue to purple). On closer inspection it reveals a few Australian Loves.

The sculpture is constructed from a fibreglass form and covered with a layer of bottle tops, which are set in a layer of Structural Techniglue, which is a type of resin. Each bottle top had to be sanded before it could be filled with glue to secure it onto the form. There are approximately 1500 bottle tops and 7.5 litres of Techniglue used in the piece.

The surface is painted with iridescent chameleon paint, which creates an optical phenomenon of changing colours; green to blue to purple, when viewed from different angles. Its mounted on wheel bearings, so the sculpture spins by hand to reveal more trivia questions on the other side, they all start with the phrase: For the LOVE of ****.

I love to discover new and exciting materials, techniques and processes, which influence the final outcome of my work, never quite knowing what my work will look like when its finished. In this piece, my new discovery was the Chameleon paint and I had to learn how to mix the pigment into the paint to make it change colour. The pigment contains prisms, which refract light in different ways depending on the angle ␣␣␣␣ viewed from. So the sculpture looks different when viewed either inside or outside and either in full sun or shade. The pigment is mixed in a clear acrylic automotive paint and is applied over a black base coat. It takes a lot of practice and skill to get the right mix for the effect to work, which makes the paint very specialised and expensive.

I draw my inspiration from my children and all the things they love, my youngest son is one and loves bubbles, my oldest son is three and loves collecting small things like bottle tops, sorting them into different colours and covering the rocks in our garden.


For the Love of Sculpture…

Screen shot 2017-02-22 at 3.59.20 PM.png

I Love the cartoon by Jeff Scribbly which appear in the newspaper during the exhibition.cartoon 10 02 2015Then it appeared on Google Arts and Culture….

Screen shot 2016-07-15 at 3.27.55 PMDuring the exhibition, I also ran a series of Educational Sculpture Workshops with WA Primary Schools during the Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition, using my work as inspiration for students to explore their own ideas.

Sculpture by the Sea edcuation Kit

The ALCOA School Education Program at Sculpture by the Sea aims to provide both students and teachers with an informative, stimulating and multi-sensory experience that will enhance the learning potential for students visiting the exhibition on excursion. Our range of Educational Programs offers participants the opportunity to explore, examine and discuss a range of creative, conceptual and artistic responses to site and landscape, form and contemporary ideas.


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