Drift Installation Awards…

Finally,  my new work ‘Drifting a long way from home‘ is installed, on the beach at Dolphin Quay in Mandurah for  Drift Installation Awards.


“An iceberg drifts 5216km from its home in Antarctica and finally beaches itself on the foreshore in Mandurah. Older icebergs often appear blue as they melt, watch as this iceberg puts on a vivid display of blue and white hues as the temperature changes throughout the day. ”

It got a special mention and commended by the judges, who loved the impact of the small scale sculpture on a large beach and its subtle message on global warming and the rising sea levels.

13139349_10154066932292200_1377142262590070800_nAnd that’s my ‘Migration Messages‘ also installed for Drift Installation Awards in Mandurah.

“Inspired by my own migration to Australia and the journey to becoming an Australian Citizen, this work celebrates and sends messages of love, hope and dreams . . . to beautiful people in far away places.”


During the opening yesterday, the guest speaker quoted from one of my messages “Our world is incomplete until we discover our passion…

But I like the quote… ‘Be brave enough to live life Creativity…’