Castaways Sculpture Awards, WA

Every year, Claire exhibits at Castaways Sculpture Awards, is an annual arts event, where over 45 stunning sculptures grace the beautiful Rockingham foreshore in WA. It follows the theme of recycling and environmental awareness with a creative re-use of materials and innovative arts  The City of Rockingham won the Heritage & Culture Award at the 2011 National Australian Clean Beach Awards, recognising the significant role Castaways played in achieving this prestigious Award. Through the Awards the City successfully raises awareness within the broader community of the benefits of recycling in an innovative format and reinforces responsibility to the global environment.

Her sculpture ‘Migration Messages’ 2013, inspired the award winning Poem by Rafael SW

The Process of Giving Back

Take every ex-lover you’ve had and throw them into the sea. Little notes attached to their feet, like cadavers of the meet-and-greet. Look for the limpid blue to fill their eyes, free yourself from those shared pasts and erode any old deceit.

Teach a small child penmanship, or how to deal with loss. An after-school care of glass shards, transformed to calligraphy, scratchy handwriting addressed to dead grandparents or dogs. A smile softened, a mind sharpened, a heart reconnected via 2B.

Talk with birds, and treat people like momentarily lost migrations. Learn as much from listening, as living. As humans, we’re poor, wingless things, nostalgic lovelings, caught in our contemplations. In your new flight of fancy, float your body towards a foreign shore. 

In 2017, Claire was invited to judge the local Castaways School Competition for the last few years and facilitate a community sculpture workshop during the 10th Year Anniversary and spoke about her work during the VIP tours.


Castaways 10th Anniversary Flyer Final


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