Brantwood – Site Specific Sculpture, UK

Claire Davenhall and fellow Lecturer James Douglas took a group of National Diploma Art and Design Students up to Brantwood in the Lake District National Park to construct a large scale site specific sculpture in the grounds of John Ruskin’s former home at Brantwood.

brantwood 046

The grounds are built on a steep wooded area over looking Lake Coniston in Cumbria. A large number of fallen trees provided a valuable resource for the sculpture which needed to be cleared and sorted on the steep slope of the site.

brantwood 002

It was decided that the sculpture should cascade down the hill in the form of a natural wooden waterway, meandering over and round boulders.

brantwood 030

brantwood 029

Starting with the largest and heaviest of the logs at the gate and finishing with the smaller branches and twigs at the bottom to give a rippling effect and the sculpture comes to a conclusion.

brantwood 003

brantwood 028

brantwood 044brantwood 052

 Wooden Waterway 2005

The completed work is over 100m and will slowly return to the earth from which it came.


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