Outdoor Sculptures

Claire loves to exhibit her work in beautiful locations such as Sculpture by the Sea in Cottlesloe, Swell Sculpture Festival in Queensland, Castaways in Rockingham and Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures in South Australia. She was awarded Winner of the Shinju Matsuri in Broome 2016 and Major Prize Winner of the Drift Installation Awards 2017.

Claire loves to create interesting interactive work that invites the viewer to take a closer and gets better the nearer you get. She mixes her own custom paint, using a special blend of pigment that changes colour from green to gold with undertones of purple and blue. The pigment contains prisms that reflect light in different ways, so as you move around the work, the colour will shift to compensate, showing its full array throughout the gallery.

Here are a few of her award winning pieces:

Brighton Jetty Sculpture Classics 2017


Artist Statement:

‘An Iceberg drifts 5216Km from its home in Antarctica, travelled 6216km to Asia and 1350km to Australian, finally beaching itself on the  foreshore. Like most Icebergs it puts on vivid display of forever changing hues of blue & white.’

This little Iceberg has been ‘Drifting A Long Way From Home’ since it started out on its tour of Australian Outdoor Sculpture Exhibitions in 2016. Starting out at Drift Installation Awards in West Australia, it drifted North up to Cable beach in Broome for the Shinju Matsuri Festival for “A View to Asia” exhibition, then drifted South to Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures in South Australia and soon it will be drifting East to Swell in Queensland. It records how far it has travelled from its origin in Antarctica to Asia and then round Australia.

It’s a relatively small sculpture in comparison to the vastness of the beach that resembles a melting iceberg that beaches itself on the foreshore. Older icebergs often appear blue as they melt, because the water inside is so pure. This has been replicated by using an interference blue pigment that shifts from white to blue as you walk round, giving the appearance that its changing colour.

Drift installation awards 2017


Artist Statement:

‘FROGMOSIS tells the story of Darwin’s’ Theory of Evolution, when creatures crawled out of the water and onto the land. Its slippery smooth skin ripples across the water, as it moves through the semi-permeable Layer and onto Australian Land. Glowing shades of green and gold it transforms to a land based creature sharing its beauty to all who can see her.’

Melville Sculpture Walk 2016

This year Claire exhibited, ‘Meteor Morphosis’  at the picturesque grounds of the Heathcote Cultural Centre in Applecross and mentored Tafe graduate Barb Boszik and Burrendah Primary School, who exhibited along side her work.


Artist Statement:
‘A meteor falls from space and lands on a site in the Heathcote Cultural Precinct. On closer inspection strange ants like creatures spill out of the meteor and slowly metamorphose themselves into the landscape. Watch carefully as they slowly change colour in the sunlight.’

Sculpture by the Sea 2015

Last Year Claire exhibited ‘For the Love of Sculpture‘ at Sculpture by the Sea in Cottlesloe and ran  Educational Sculpture Workshops with WA Primary Schools using her work as inspiration for students to explore their own ideas.


Artist Statement

Inspired by the simplicity of a bubble, this playful interactive sculpture gently spins creating a vivid display of optical illusion with forever changing colours (green to blue to purple). On closer inspection the sculpture reveals a few Australian loves…For the Love Sculpture.

Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 3.43.23 PM






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