The Tranby Brig – Over the Indian Ocean 2017

Artist in Residence – Claire Davenhall

This work celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the College, which was named after the Brig Tranby, which arrived in the Swan River Colony on February 3rd, 1830, bringing a group of Methodist settlers to the fledgling community. In the early 1990s, the Rockingham Congregation of the Uniting Church started to think about possibility of establishing a low fee Uniting Church School in the southern suburbs along the lines of St Stephen’s in Duncraig.

In Christianity, the symbol of the fish relates to abundance and faith. While in European cultures, the fish had symbolic meanings of adaptability, determination, flow of life and often associated with creativity as well as with wisdom.  While the 20 Doves, with wings of flames, symbolise each year of the College and is recognised as a Uniting Church emblem, which reflects the coming together of ideas.