SWELL SCULPTURE FESTIVAL The making of Metor Morphosis

A meteor falls from space and lands on a site at SWELL. On closer inspection strange ants like creatures spill out of the meteor and slowly metamorphose themselves into the landscape. Watch carefully as they slowly change colour in the sunlight.

Meteor Morphosis 2016 Fibreglass, steel bottle tops, chameleon paint, 150 x 120 x 35cm

The initial idea for Meteor Morphosis came from my oldest son Gabriel, who at 5 years old has a love of rocks and space. Convinced that his best friends dad was a spaceman, he suggested that I make a Meteor with special superpowers! He liked the idea that strange ant like creatures would crawl out from underneath, ‘…because we have a lot of strange ants in this country!’

Meteor Morphosis 2016
Fibreglass, steel bottle tops, chameleon paint
150 x 120 x 35cm

We discussed how we would make the sculpture and what materials we needed. Last year I made, ‘For the LOVE of Sculpture’ for Sculpture by the Sea in Cottlesloe and played around with different pigments and paints to create the prefect blend of chameleon paint, that would change colour in the sunlight according to the angle of the light hitting the surface, this particular blend changes from blue to purple to green.

Paint changes from blue to purple to green.

Another special feature of this sculpture is the surface treatment. Its made from approximately 3000 steel bottle tops, each one sanded by hand both inside and out. It takes hours of hard work to carefully prepare each top for the paint. They create a tessellation with a unique reptilian-like pattern seen in lizards, snakes and of course chameleons.

Gabriel sanding the bottle tops

They are glued onto a fibreglass form, using a special type of techni glue. It takes 9 litres of techni glue to fill 3000 bottle tops, it’s necessary to fill each one, because it eliminates the problem of any air being trapped under the bottle top and expanding in the heat and causing it to pop off. I have tried numerous types of glues and this one is the best!

The form itself is made from layers of heavy chop strand fibreglass and resin, they are laminated together and then rolled to expel any air pockets, which would weaken the structure.

Its a nasty itchy job, which requires to be covered up on a 40 degree Australian summer day, so it gets a little crazy!

So that’s it, a visual guide to the making of Meteor Morphosis. You can see it at SWELL Sculpture Festival 8-17th SEPT 2017.


A View to Asia – Shinju Matsuri 2017

This week I’m exhibiting on Cable Beach in Broome in the outdoor Sculpture Exhibition;  ‘A View to Asia’ which is part of the Shinju Matsuri (Festival of the Pearl) in Broome. It’s Broome’s very own answer to Sculptures by the Sea!

My sculpture ‘The Australasian Frogmosis’ is on the boardwalk, a tribute to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, when creatures crawled out of the water and onto the land. Its slippery smooth skin changes colour in the sunlight from green to gold.

Here is a little about my work:

I’m an International Award-Winning Artist who creates interactive sculptures that change colour as you move around the artwork, inviting the viewer to take a closer look. I love to make interactive sculptures that change colour and mix my own unique paint that uses a special blend of pigment, that changes from green to gold with under tones of blue and purple. The pigment contains prisms that reflect light in different ways, so when the sun changes position in the sky, the colour will shift to compensate, showing its full array throughout the day.

The form is made from Fibreglass and resin to give a strong, lightweight, weatherproof smooth finish. Colour shifting pigment is mixed into Automotive paint to give a iridescent glow that changes colour as you move around the sculpture. Prosthetic eyes (also made from resin) add detail to the work, transforming it from an organic malleable shape into one of a creature.

It’s Broome’s very own answer to Sculptures by the Sea!

Date: September 2 – 10
Location: Cable Beach
Tickets: Free
Organiser: Shinju Matsuri

Earlier this year, ‘Frogmosis’ was exhibited at Drift installation Awards installed, where is was installed in the rippling water outside Mandurah Performing Arts Centre and won the Major Prize!


From there it was showcased as the-mother-of-all-frogs in the nature pond at Pachamama Early Education & Childcare, an award winning nature based play activity centre situated in Perth hills. I just love this place!

“Frogmosis just keeps hopping along seeing more of WA than me!”

Date: September 2 – 10 Location: Cable Beach Tickets: Free Organiser: Shinju Matsuri

Art studio, ready!

So I just spent a few hours tidying up my studio… Well at least I can see the floor now!

I’m getting the studio ready for a photoshoot today, for the new ‘Artists of Perth’ book, which will be published in October this year!  

All my favourite things are out of their boxes; Boots, Bones & Bottletops!

Love it when the kids come in and see bubble wrap being the most exciting thing in my studio.

Wish me luck for the new book!

Artitude Amplied – Telethon Speech and Hearing 2017

This weekend I exhibited along side Australia’s best artists at Artitude Amplifed, WA’s premier multi-gallery exhibition and sale of fine art returns AMPLIFIED! This year’s amplified event was held in CROWN PERTH’s Grand Ballroom on Saturday 15th July 2017.

Here are a few pictures taken by Curator David Forrest.

Here is a close of up of my piece taken from my Something Series:

‘Nurture Something Maternal’ 2017 Size: 1000mm x 700mm

Media: Large Format Macro Photography on Archival Fine Art Paper

For more information see link below:

Wanneroo Community Art Awards. 

Just a reminder its not too late to vote for your favourite artwork at Wanneroo Community Arts Awards. Here is my entry in the sculpture category: ‘Take a Walk in my Shoes before you Judge Me’ another piece from my Lost Soles collection!

Exhibition is on till 17th July 2017.

Artist: Claire Davenhall

Title: ‘Take a walk in my Shoes’ 2017

Medium: Found objects, wood, leather, metal, resin

Size: 300mm x 300mm x 300mm

Please find the link below for the 3D walk-through of the 2017 City of Wanneroo Community Art Awards.
















Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books 2017 represented by Australian Galleries in Melbourne

Opening soon,  my latest exhibition Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books 2017 represented by Australian Galleries in Melbourne. Here is a sneaky preview of my book ‘The Something Series.’

Artist: Claire Davenhall

Title: ‘The Something Series’ 2017

Medium: Archival Canson Fine Art Paper 300gsm, Digital Injet Print, Drift Rope

Size: 15 x 25 x 3cm

Edition Number: 1 of 1


Artist Statement:

Inspired by the award-winning coastline of WA, Claire has discovered delicate, intricate and unique natural objects, which she captures using macro photography. These beautiful ‘mini sculptures’ are often missed by people, at this level. Her fun, playful, thoughtful and intuitive images are inspired by her children, communicate stories and records memories, designed to uplift those who engage with them.



Pachamama to Showcase Award Winning Sculpture

I have found the most prefect location to install my lastest award winning piece ‘Frogmosis’, showcasing itself to be the-mother-of-all-frogs in the nature pond at Pachamama Early Education & Childcare, an award winning nature based play activity centre situated in Perth hills. I just love this place!

Pachamama translates from the Inca (indigenous people of the Andes) as ‘Mother Earth.’ See how amazing this place is for yourself on their FB page:


Claire Davenhall with FROGMOSIS – Winner of International Drift Installation Awards 2017.

The inspiration for FROGMOSIS came from my sons collecting baby frogs in the natural spring-fed pond at Pachamama. With “osmosis” as the theme of the recent awards, the sculpture follows the story of Darwin’s’ Theory of Evolution in which creatures crawled out of the water and onto the land. FROGMOSIS features a slippery smooth skin that ripples across the water through the semi-permeable layer and onto Australian Land. The work is made from fibreglass and resin, with a special chameleon paint that changes colour from green and gold with undertones of blue and purple.

Pachamama is honoured to soon showcase the award-winning FROGMOSIS as the mother-of-all-frogs as the feature artwork in our new nature frog pond area.

The work won the Major prize at Drift Installation Awards which invites local, national and international artists to design and create installation artwork of a high standard, which are professionally curated and installed throughout the Stretch Arts Festival.

Artist Claire Davenhall with her Inspirational Boys.